Tiffany Wu

a memory collector device

Product design / UX design / 3D motion

Student project/  from Pratt Institute, Thesis
Instructor/  prof. Eric O’Tool
Published/  May 2017
Software/ Cinema 4D, Illustrator, After Effect

Memory is like the trace and evidence of living and the emotional connection between friends, family, and events. Memory develops and builds up through time. Time doesn't pass, we pass. In that same way, memory doesn't get lost; we lose it.

Memory is disordered and invisible. In this thesis, through the use of contemporary design tools, processes and technologies a device might be devised which can collect everyday personal data: including the history of a user’s location, purchases, photos, and people they come into contact with. This device would create a ‘life archive’ which could help people short term or long term memory challenges allowing them to maintain their self-identity.

“ In reality, time doesn’t pass; we pass. ”

---- Michael Crichton    

“ All the memories are trace of tears ”  --- 2046 (film), written and directed by Wong Kai-wai.

How to store, classify, and recur everyday data?
How to find the information when people cannot remember it?


Goldfish is a metaphor of the study because a myth says that goldfish only remember three seconds,
but scientist have proven that they remember things more than three seconds if they practice frequently.
Same as people practice frequently, their memory would getting stronger.

Entertainment interface

Map & Time interface

Purchase interface
Throwback interface

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